5 Ways to Support Adoptive Children

It can be hard for a child to adjust to life with a new family. It can be hard for a child to believe that the new family truly loves them and truly wants to have them around. If you are bringing a child into your family via adoption, you want to provide that child with all of the support that they need. There are some things that you can do to help that child know that they are right where they are meant to be.

1. Take Lots of Pictures of the Child and Frame Them

One way of helping a child to feel as if they are truly a part of your family is to put up pictures of that child in your home. You probably have family pictures up in the home already, but you should make sure that you get some pictures up that include your adoptive child, too. You should take lots of pictures of the child and then frame and display them.

2. Let the Child Help Make Some of Your Family Plans

If you are thinking of taking on some kind of weekend activity and the child you have adopted is old enough to have a say in things, let them. Let the child choose what your family is going to do. Listen as the child shares the dreams that they have always had and all of the things that they have always wanted to do.

3. Allow the Child to Talk About Their Feelings

One of the best ways of supporting an adoptive child is to let that child talk about what they are feeling. Do not try to shut the child up as they talk about the past or the struggles that they are facing right now. Do not interrupt them to tell them that everything is okay now. Let the child talk about all of their feelings without judging them or trying to make them stop. Allow them to get everything out in the open.

4. Set Aside Special Time for You and the Child to be Alone Together

Your child needs to know that they are a priority in your life. You cannot adopt a child and then just forget about them and go on with your life the way that you were living it before they came into your home. Set aside time to spend with your adoptive child, just the two of you, and make the most of that time together.

5. Affirm the Child Daily

Your adoptive child needs to know that they are loved and that they are truly a part of your family. They need to know that you are happy to have them around. Affirm that child every day, letting them know that it means a lot to you that they are now officially a part of your family.

When you adopt, you change not only your life but the life of the child that you bring into your family. Do what you can to support that child and show them that you love them – read article on what is adoption law.

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